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The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is a fifty question, two-hour, multiple-choice examination administered three times each year.  The test is required for admission to the bars of the following jurisdictions.  As this list is subject to change, check with the board of bar examiners in the state in which you plan to seek admission to the bar.  Passing scores for each jurisdiction follow in parentheses. Passing scores, which are established by each jurisdiction, are subject to change.


Alabama (75)
Alaska (80)
Arizona (85)
Arkansas (85)
California (86)
Colorado (85)
Connecticut (80)
Delaware (85)
District of Columbia (75)
Florida (80)
Georgia (75)
Guam (80)
Hawaii (85)
Idaho (85)
Illinois (80)
Indiana (80)
Iowa (80)
Kansas (80)
Kentucky (75)
Louisiana (80)
Maine (80)
Massachusetts (85)
Michigan (85)
Minnesota (85)
Mississippi (75)
Missouri (80)
Montana (80)
Nebraska (85)
Nevada (85)
New Hampshire (79)
New Jersey (75)
New Mexico (75)
New York (85)
North Carolina (80)
North Dakota (85)
Northern Mariana Islands (75)
Ohio (85)
Oklahoma (75)
Oregon (85)
Pennsylvania (75)
Republic of Palau (75)
Rhode Island (80)
South Carolina (77)
South Dakota (75)
Tennessee (75)
Texas (85)
Utah (86)
Vermont (80)
Virginia (85)
Virgin Islands (75)
West Virginia (75)
Wyoming (75)

The purpose of the MPRE is to measure the examinee's knowledge and understanding of established standards related to a lawyer's professional conduct; thus, the MPRE is not a test to determine an individual's personal ethical values. Lawyers serve in many capacities: for example, as judges, as advocates, counselors, and in other roles. The law governing the conduct of lawyers in these roles is applied in disciplinary and bar admission procedures, and by courts in dealing with issues of appearance, representation, privilege, disqualification, contempt or other censure, and in lawsuits seeking to establish liability for malpractice, and other civil or criminal wrongs committed by a lawyer while acting in a professional capacity.

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